10 Examples That You Shouldn’t Give Up Even If It’s Hard

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Sometimes problems and failures accumulate like a snowball. In such moments, you feel desperate, and it seems there’s no sense to keep trying.

Elavonia found for you inspiring examples from the lives of famous people who showed that it’s always worth following your dream.

1. Woody Allen

A 4-time Academy Award winner, the iconic filmmaker Woody Allen was expelled from New York University after he had failed several exams in cinematography. Yet he wasn’t upset at all — he found studying there boring — and still achieved his goal.

2. Ursula Burns

Ursula Burns started her internship at the American Xerox company right after obtaining a master’s degree from the New York University Tandon School of Engineering. The company noticed the young woman’s ambition and hired her as an assistant. Yet by the age of 32, she still held only junior posts.

All her diligence was rewarded 10 years later: first, Ursula was promoted to vice president for global manufacturing, and now she serves as chairwoman of the company.

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