12 Common Cooking Mistakes That May Ruin Your Best Recipe

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You decided to cook an exquisite dish, you followed the instructions strictly, keeping all the proportions correct according to the recipe…but the result is a million miles away from your expectations. Does this sound familiar? We’re sure that all of us have faced this situation at one time or another. So what’s the deal? cooking recipes, cooking recipes

We at Elavonia have decided to go through some common cooking mistakes that may ruin the taste of your most favorite dish. cooking recipes, cooking recipes

1. Overloading the pan

Remember: if you want your meat to have that incredible crispy crust, you will have to give it space to brown. Otherwise, when overcrowded, the meat will actually boil. cooking recipes, cooking recipes

2. Cooking meat using a non-stick pan

Another reason for failure when cooking meat with a crispy crust is using non-stick frying pans. This piece of cookware usually heats less than ordinary pans, so you’d be better off using them for omelets and pancakes. As for meat, try using a grill pan or a cast iron pan. cooking recipes, cooking recipes

3. Not salting water for pasta

The basic rule when cooking perfect pasta is salting the cooking water. A lack of salt will lead to tasteless pasta, and no sauce will save the dish. If you’re not sure about the proportions, here is one tip for you: use one tablespoon of salt per 300 grams of pasta.

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