12 Kitchen Timesavers You Shouldn’t Live Without

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Even if you love cooking and spending time in the kitchen, there are busy days when you just want to fuel up on something healthy and delicious, with minimum fuss and time. These timesaving tips will definitely save you time on everyday meals and make it easier to refuse the temptation of eating ready-meals or take out. cool stuff, cool stuff

  • Cans are convenient: stock up on some basic canned goods like tuna, sweet corn, beans, tomatoes and chickpeas. You can even make a quick salad just by combining some of these and adding a dressing.
  • Your own fast burger: on a day when you have some extra time, try to prepare burgers (or veggie burgers) in large quantities. Then you can cook them or not and wrap each burger individually using cling film and store them in the freezer. When you want to have a burger all you need to do is defrost it in the microwave if it you already cooked it or pop it in the oven for 15-20 minutes. cool stuff, cool stuff

  • Herbs in a jiffy: again trade-off time today to save even more time in the future! Wash, dry and chop your fresh herbs (basil, dill, mint, parsley etc) and put them in zip-lock bags or jars in your freezer. Next time you want to add them to your food it will be as easy as sprinkling salt. You can also add them to ice cube trays with water, lemon juice or olive oil. cool stuff, cool stuff
  • Fill up your freezer: apart from frozen veggies (which in some cases have more nutrients than fresh since they are frozen right after harvesting) you can also freeze bread and grated cheese.

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