12 Smart Psychological Tips You Can Use in Practice

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There are some psychological tips that work on a subconscious level. They help you win another person’s trust, get somebody’s approval, and relax when you are stressed.

Today Elavonia will share 12 tips that work every time and can be useful in any situation.

№ 1. When several people are laughing, every person looks at the person he or she likes the most.

After a good joke or in the middle of an interesting discussion, every person instinctively looks at the person they like the most. So in order to find out everything about a group of friends, prepare a few really good jokes.

№ 2. Chew something when you are nervous.

Before an important conversation, a public speech, or another event that makes you nervous, you should try to chew gum or even eat something.

  • Nobody eats when they are in danger. While chewing, our brain thinks that it’s safe to relax. It sends a signal that relieves the tension and helps us to calm down.
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