19 Indispensable Tips for Storing Your Beauty Items

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A modern woman can scarcely imagine her daily life without cosmetics. And, all too often, we find ourselves facing the problem of storing our ever-expanding makeup arsenal in an easy and practical way. cool stuff, cool stuff

Today, Elavonia is happy to offer you a selection of trendy and innovative ideas to help you keep track of all those tubes, jars, and bottles! cool stuff, cool stuff

1. Transparent boxes

A transparent organizer box can be perfect for storing cosmetics. Being both spacious and compact, such boxes can house all of your most-used accessories. cool stuff, cool stuff

The presence of multiple compartments allows you to sort cosmetics by type. All of your lipsticks, shadows, and mascaras will find their places, all the while being easily accessed.

2. Drawer dividers and cutlery organizer trays

Using drawer dividers can offer a quick and easy way to bring order to your makeup arsenal. Or you can go even further and set aside several compartments to hold particular kinds of cosmetics.

As for oblong objects (such as lipsticks, lip pencils, and even curling irons), use plastic or wooden cutlery organizer trays. It’ll fit in your desk or dressing table drawer — just make sure you find a tray of the right size.

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