19 Indispensable Tips for Storing Your Beauty Items

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3. Magnetic beauty boards

You can either buy a magnetic board or make your very own one. For the latter, simply take a rectangular sheet of metal, cover it with a similarly sized cloth, encase the board in a frame, and mount it on a wall. Next, fit all your cosmetics with small magnets and attach them to the board.

You can find more detailed advice on making your own beauty board here.

4. Rainbow boxes

Take an ordinary shoe box and cover it with nice-looking wrapping paper. Now it’s your nail polish storage! Don’t forget to color-code each bottle — this will help you to always find the shade you’re looking for.

To read more about making your perfect rainbow box, click here.

5. Glass jars

Makeup brushes are best stored vertically in a perfectly dry condition, so that they don’t stain each other and serve their purpose at all times. To ensure this, you can use glass jars filled with decorative pebbles or coffee beans. And if you’re worried about dust, opt for a tall jar with a lid.

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