19 Indispensable Tips for Storing Your Beauty Items

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6. Makeup chests

You can also make use of suitcases and chests. Filled with your most-needed accessories, they can provide for all your makeup needs. And, when not in use, your magic chest or suitcase can easily be stored under your bed (where it won’t be a nuisance to anyone)!

7. Acrylic shelves

Increase your wardrobe’s storage space by fitting it with numerous acrylic shelflettes. This solution is both practical and ergonomic!

8. Makeup and shoe organizers

Vertical plastic makeup organizing bags can be used for keeping all of your less regularly used accessories. When not needed, a plastic organizer bag can be rolled up and put in a wardrobe.

Hair styling products, combs, blow dryers, and other hair care accessories can be kept inside a shoe organizer (you can attach it to your bathroom door).

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