The Top 10 Popular Movie Scenes That Are Paused the Most

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Some movie scenes are so awesome that we watch them over and over again.

We at elavonia have collected the top 10 scenes from popular movies that make fans hit the pause button.

10. She’s the Man

You must remember this scene from She’s the Man, where Amanda Bynes flashes the whole stadium to prove she’s a girl. She definitely became kind of a sex symbol for many right after this film. Without a doubt, a lot of people paused this moment in the hope of seeing more. However, there is no nudity at all here. But what did we expect from a teen movie?

9. Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Phoebe Cates was really popular in the 1980s, especially after this particular scene. Fans all over the world used to pause the moment where she was emerging from the pool and removing the top of her bikini. A quite iconic moment, right?

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