What Mandatory School Uniforms Look Like in 15 Different Countries

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There are many opinions of whether or not school uniforms are necessary. Those who support this idea say that uniforms help to make kids more disciplined, equal and united, and parents don’t have to think about what clothes to buy for their kids. Those who are against uniforms say that such approach kills individuality and doesn’t impact the educational process at all.

We at Elavonia don’t want to argue; we wish to simply show you what uniforms kids wear in different countries around the world. Indeed, many of the uniforms look quite trendy and practical.


The Japanese school uniform for girls, “seifuku,” is famous all around the world thanks to anime cartoons and manga comic books. It consists of a blouse in sea style and a pleated skirt that becomes shorter and shorter the older girls get. Shoes with a small hill and knee socks are absolutely necessary. They even wear them in winter. In order not to let the socks slide down, girls use special glue.

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